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Who we are

Des Moines, Iowa based MobiusTrip was formed in 1995, with original members Chris Baszczynski (keyboards, vocals), Rob Wolf (bass, vocals), Chris Scelonge (guitars, vocals) and Chris Anderson (drums, vocals). We'd all been playing music in different bands and configurations for many years, along with some individual song-writing and recording projects. Our goal was to have a performance repertoire that was technically challenging and musically interesting for us, and which included both original songs as well as covers of great songs by bands that many people would know, but which weren't necessarily overplayed on the radio.

Over the years, while the band lineup has changed due to the passing and/or departure of members, the passion to play remains. The current MobiusTrip is:

Photo of Chris Baszczynski Chris Baszczynski, originally from Toronto, Canada, handles keyboards and lead vocals for MobiusTrip. He has played with several bands and worked on a variety of solo and band-based projects over the years, both live performance and in the studio. He has written and recorded several originals performed by the band.
Dan Sjullie, a native of Des Moines, Iowa, brings his high energy drumming to MobiusTrip. His attention to performance details comes from technical training, ongoing study of other drummers, playing in bands and direct experience handling live sound for local and national touring bands. Photo of Dan Sjullie
Photo of Jim Kunath Jim Kunath, who traces his experience back to the early Okoboji music scene in Iowa, holds down the bottom end of the MobiusTrip sound through his strong and melodic bass playing style. He also contributes to the multi-part vocals characteristic of many of the band's songs.
Pat Hemann, with long-time experience playing in various Iowa bands and venues, brings his seasoned lead guitar expertise, along with lead and harmony vocals, to MobiusTrip. He has written and recorded originals, which along with other songs he has covered in past are contributing to an expanding band repertoire. Photo of Pat Hemann

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